Mark Colwell

Mark Colwell

A successful real estate professional and investor since 2004, Mark offers San Francisco clients a wide-reaching skill set and an unwavering focus on providing sound data and analysis.

Having grown up in Austin, Texas, among a family of builders and musicians, Mark was exposed to real estate at an early age. In fact, helping his father build houses was the first step in assembling his all-encompassing real estate knowledge. He'd go on to become an active investor and rental property owner in his own right with more than a dozen properties​ over the years​.

Completing over 8,000 residential BPO appraisals throughout the Bay Area has honed his peerless familiarity with local housing stock while servicing REO listings refined his in-depth understanding of the foreclosure market. As an agent known for his vast understanding of investment value, potential value-add opportunities and savvy comparable sales analysis, not to mention his immense amount of very recent experience crucial in the rapidly changing San Francisco market it's no surprise that Mark has consistently ranked among the top 10 agents in the city.

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